Real Estate and Commercial Photography


                              Pricing Chart

Real Estate (residential only)

Over 6,000 Sq.ft. add $10.00/ each additional 500 Sq.ft.

6,000          $400.00

5,000          $350.00

4,000          $300.00

3,000          $250.00

2,000          $200.00

1,999 and below   $150.00

Special Twilight Photography $150.00 (includes 6-12 edited photos)

Video Tours using stills $250.00

Virtual 360 Degree Tours $250.00

Commercial Real Estate

Pricing is based a day rate which includes travel, equipment maintenance and rental fees, pre-shoot scouting of property, photography shoot, post processing, and miscellaneous costs. A charge of $25.00 per post processed image as a licensing fee received by client. All payments are due on the date of the photo shoot. images will be sent to clients after payment has been received.

Pricing starts at $500.00. Call for more information.